The Need

There are many ways to participate in our mission to vitalize Catholic Campus Ministry at Coastal Carolina University. We need your gifts, whether time, talent, or treasure. The campaign goal is currently $800,000. Phase I to complete the house portion will cost $300k. Phase II to complete the chapel and conference room space will cost $500k. While this may seem extraordinary for 4000+ square feet, this amount is needed to bring the current structure up to commercial code, build the parking lot with drainage, and develop/landscape the 2.4 acres.

Consider doing one or more of the following  and/or send us your own ideas and offerings at [email protected]

- Prayer and Fasting: Our mission is so much greater than building a new home. We need people to pray for the conversion of the 2000+ baptized Catholic sons and daughters on campus. The overwhelming majority either do not know about us or are currently not practicing the Faith. Pray that we might encounter them in a way that draws them into our spiritual family and home.

- Talent: While we have already found many, we are looking for more subcontractors, contractors, and material suppliers willing to donate their time or supplies to offset the cost of our venture.

- Money: Prayerfully consider a sacrificial gift and pledge so that our home opens soon. Unfortunately, we do not yet have an established donor base of local parishioners and alumni. Moreover, while the Diocese of Charleston purchased the property and current structures, it has over 20 other campus ministry presences in South Carolina that need financial resources as well. Hence,  without the financial support of you and others, many more students will continue to graduate without having had a Catholic home away from home.