The Why

There is no question that we must and will continue to engage CCU students, faculty, and staff all over campus (library, coffee bars, cafeterias and food courts, fitness centers, dorms, academic buildings, etc.). However, there is no doubt that our effectiveness in providing quality and intimate faith experiences for them is greatly hampered by the fact that we have no space on campus to call home.

We are truly blessed to utilize weekly the non-denominational Lackey Chapel on Sunday evenings for our dinner, faith formation, Confessions, and Mass and a classroom on campus once a week for other programming. Yet, the reality is we share the chapel, and we are competing with 100+ other clubs for space and time on campus. Although the University recognizes the great need for more space for student organizations and clubs and is planning to build an additional student center, this will not be done soon enough for us. Moreover, it will only mean greater availability to share space. Finally, we are experiencing significant growth as a community with the presence of a full-time chaplain and the arrival of a team of FOCUS (Fellowship Of Catholic University Students) missionaries.