Stuck in "Limbo"? Decide to Act Now

September 21, 2018

tuck in "Limbo"? Decide to Act Now

Hey Chanticleers,

While rest and recreation generally help us to recommit to what is ahead, being stuck in “limbo” and not knowing when we could return to campus has made the past two weeks difficult for everyone at CCU. Perhaps it has caused you and your parents anxiety or been more than just a temptation to do nothing.  

The faculty and staff at CCU (we) eagerly await your return and — as you undoubtedly know — want to make sure that you have a great remainder of the semester and take the next step in becoming the best version of yourself. Some of your teachers perhaps have reached out to you today with ways to begin the “make up” work that is going to have to take place to finish the semester and to make sure that that “next step” is as big of a step as possible.

What can you do in the next week before you return to campus and have to readjust and things get hectic and stress begins to build?

  • First, even though campus is closed and hence Coastal Carolina Catholics activities are suspended until Sunday September 30th, you can still get to Mass at a local parish and you can still pray by yourself or with a friend or family member. If you need help locating a Church that is nearby contact me and I can help. Remember, through prayer (silently directing our attention to God) you will grow in peace and with peace you will avoid anxiousness and grow in patience which “smooths away lots of difficulties”, as St. John Bosco once said. God can and will guide and direct you to make good use of your time, if you ask Him.

  • Second, download the MyParish App or Text “App” to 88202 and Search for "Coastal Carolina Catholics" to receive instant notifications from us on your phone about what we are doing and to receive some daily wisdom. The app also has links to homilies, prayers, and the readings of the day. After downloading the App, respond to this email saying you have. The first student and every 10th thereafter will receive a $10 gift card at Mass at the end of the September 30th Mass. You have to attend though or you forfeit the prize.

  • Third, check out our new website (!Fourth, sign up (email me) for one or more of our future retreat or service opportunities:

    1. Retreat on the Holy Spirit: October 19-20 (Friday evening - Saturday evening) - FREE; Deadline for registration is October 14th after Mass at Lackey Chapel.

    2. Home Works Service Day: October 27th (Saturday from 8:30am-5:00pm in Lake City) - FREE & Transportation provided; Fill out this form. Deadline for registration is October 14th after Mass at Lackey Chapel.

    3. Seek 2019 Focus Retreat (January 3-7) — See the schedule for you and 20,000 other university students in Indianapolis!!! - FREE with a commitment to fundraise a portion of the costs. Deadline for registration is October 21st after Mass at Lackey Chapel. 

Blessings on your Friday!

Father David