CCU Grads Get Married Amidst Pandemic

July 14, 2020

“The Wedding in Myrtle Beach” 

There was a wedding in Myrtle Beach, and not a few mothers planned to be there.
Father David and Father Paul were also invited to show God’s loving care.
But when COVID-19 first struck, all the churches were closed.
And the question of whether this wedding would get off arose.
With masks and social distancing and restrictions galore, 
Would God’s love for his people truly be celebrated once more? 
Some prayed, Lord, I’m on “empty” from re-planning, I’m losing my mind. 
Others pled, sweet Jesus, should I go or should I stay behind?  
There was a woman in Publix who asked if the end was here.
And then came the consensus, they had been overrun by anxiety and fear. 
The wedding list was waning and many tears were shed. 
And then Jesus once again said:
Go out into the streets and invite whomever you find
there’s lots of holy men and women who aren’t in a bind. 
Yes, my mother and faithful disciples will surely come.
For with my grace, they have habitually overcome.
Trials and tribulations and sins of all kind.
P.S. It’s helpful to reflect upon their lives in rewind. 
Many moments they forgot that those in heaven were one step ahead. 
The blessed mother leading a joyous crowd turned to her son Jesus and said: 
It’s like at Cana, when they ran dry, were ragged and almost dead.
Could you remind Caleb of his persistence that got Cait to finally lock eyes on his head? 
Could you remind Cait that if they can make lemonade out of lemons riding rollercoasters in the pouring rain, then to doubt you now is nothing but insane?
You see we’ve been praying like crazy that this is the hour
When you will reveal to them once again your amazing power.
Please make this wedding a celebration of your Sacramental love.
So that they have every grace needed to one day join us above.
They’ve come here freely and wholeheartedly to follow your path.
As for children, may they ask you to please do the math
So that in loving each other the Lindababies do nothing less
Than witness to your mercy that triumphs over every mess.
Dear Jesus, we just want everyone here to recall
the greatest love story of all.
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, three so united that one they remain 
May Cait and Caleb now be joined to you and until death live the same.

Based on the Gospel Caleb Lindaberry and Caitlin Hinnerschitz chose from John 2:1-11 for their Rite of Holy Matrimony at St. Michael's Catholic Church in Murrells Inlet, SC on July 13, 2020.
Here's a 60 second video of their special day