Start of Semester Announcements

August 11, 2019

Father David recently announced information regarding start of the semester events and opportunities.

Welcome back, Coastal Catholics! 

Sunday August 18th we begin our 8PM Sunday Mass again in Lackey Chapel. We will have desserts after Mass! 30 minutes before and after, there will be time each week for the Sacrament of Confession. 

 A ministry team of 5 FOCUS (Fellowship Of Catholic University Students) missionaries and a seminarian (studying for the priesthood) will arrive the week before you. They will begin small faith communities on campus that you will be invited to become a part of. The missionaries will lead the groups weekly in Bible studies, social activities, and also will provide one-one spiritual mentorship in helping you form or deepen your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Programming Opportunities:

SERVICE/OUTREACH — We will have two service days in September: one at our future student center and one in the Conway area with Home Works, a Christian non-profit that renovates homes of those living below the poverty line. 

FAITH FORMATION — Wondering whether God even exists or matters anymore? Then, our Alpha program is for you. We had huge success with it last year as we provided a non-judgmental atmosphere to ask and discuss the most meaningful questions of life. It will be Monday nights this fall beginning in mid-September and comes with FREE DINNER!

Not Catholic or not received the Sacrament of Confirmation yet? We will once again have a program and small community for both!

Eucharistic Adoration / Praise & Worship?? We will have a weekly hour for this, when we finish our planning for the Fall.

Hoping to go deeper in your relationship with Jesus and His Church? We will have a joint Fall Retreat with the University of South Carolina’s Catholic Campus Ministry the weekend of November 9th.

FOOD & FUN — Friday Fun Nights were a huge success this spring so we’ve decided to up the ante and add a free communal dinner to it! They will be off-campus, but we will provide transportation. We also have two tailgates already in the works (September 14th and October 12th - Family Weekend).

 Finally, our Coastal Catholic Student Center is in the building process! "Phase I" will hopefully be complete sometime in the early spring semester. The best part — it’s less than 1/4 mile from the freshman dorms.

 If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email or text me (info below) or to stop by our Coastal Carolina Catholics table (where I’ll be) during Organizational Kickoff Day, Tuesday August 20th from 10am-2pm. 

Follow us on social media ( IG = @cccatholics, FB = Coastal Carolina Catholics) and once again, WELCOME BACK to our Coastal Catholics family!

 Father David